Is Spinal Decompression Therapy covered by third party or insurance coverage?

Yes! Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care and modalities treatments provided by Chiropractors including the use of Spinal Decompression Therapy.

How long does it usually take to see the results?

Everybody heals differently. Acute (newer) cases usually see results instantly whereas chronic cases can take several weeks or more before the patterns change. Acute therapy usually encompasses a 4-8 week program and chronic therapy 8-12 weeks. However, progress checks and evaluations are key to determine overall healing and success.

How many treatments are usually required?

It depends whether your care is relatively newer or chronic. Based on a careful analysis, thorough examination and detailed work with imaging (nerve scan, x-rays, MRI) individual programs of corrective care are recommended. As mentioned earlier, acute cases can take 4-8 weeks requiring 2-3 sessions per week and chronic cases can take 8-12 weeks requiring 3-4 sessions per week to achieve the desired outcome.

How much does Spinal Decompression Therapy cost?

The average price per session in the Province of Ontario ranges from $50.00 - $75.00. Needham Family Chiropractic upon receiving the details of your consultation, examination, imaging & analysis will recommend the most successful avenue to help you reach your desired health goals. In doing so successful decompression therapy candidates are offered our popular “Cost-Effective” savings program to not only get the care they need but to also do that affordably.

Are there any contraindications to Spinal Decompression Therapy?

There are actually a few reasons that we must exclude a patient from therapy. These include:
1. Active Spinal Cancer
2. Active Spinal Infection
3. Severe Spinal Instability
4. Pregnancy (only due to low back therapy & harness tension on abdomen)
5. Severe Osteoporosis
6. Metal or other surgical implants in spinal area to be treated Other reasons patients are excluded from therapy:
1. Scheduling difficulties and repeated missed appointment.